The DOCKMASTER 3000 is a semiautomatic UHP water blasting vehicle for ship hull surface preparation.

A completely dust free eco friendly alternative to dry open abrasive blasting capable of preparing hull surfaces to the most exacting standards applicable today. The 3000 bar operating pressure can prepare up to 150 sq. meters per hour to NACE/SSPC, WJ1/SC-2. The waste water containing removed solids is vacuumed to a filter / recovery module where the separated solids are retained for disposal. The amount of solid waste is minimal compared to dry or wet abrasive blasting and direct recovery eliminates the time consuming clean up job.

Working width  : 860 mm

Op. pressure     : 3000 bar

Flow rate         : 88 l/min

Rotation speed : 1500 r.p.m.

Working height : up to 30 m


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